Zenfolio | David Aimone Photography | From Maine to Montepulciano

From photographers and brothers David and Steven Aimone, these images represent a view of two locations. Contrasts and commonalities are highlighted through the eyes of both Aimones. Images are presented in monochrome and framed to the same size. Click on the images below to see larger, un-cropped versions.
DA. Balconies, Biella, Italy, 2014DA. Bottom of Whitehead, Monhegan, Maine, 2014SA.  Looking down, crashing surf, below Gull Rock, Monhegan, Maine,9.22.14DA. Castlegrande, Bellinzona, Italian Region of Switzerland, 2014SA. Architecture, sky, Cortona, Italy, 3.30.14SA. Crashing surf, Christmas Cove, Monhegan, 6.2.13DA. Tuscan Back Road, Italy, 2014SA.  Boar's Head, Monhegan, Maine, 5.28.14DA. Creekside, Campertogno, Italy, 2014DA. Monhegan Trail, Monhegan, Maine, 2014SA.  Looking up, north side, White Head, Monhegan, Maine, 5.21.14SA.  Wharf, Burnt Island , near Allen Island, between Port Clyde and Monhegan, Maine, 8.26.14SA. Cemetary, fog, dusk, Monhegan, Maine, 5.25.12DA. Monhegan Cliffside, Monhegan, Maine, 2013DA. Laundry, Monteriggioni, Siena, Italy., 2014SA.  town wall, graveyard, Cortona, Tuscany, Italy,  5.5.13DA. Earth and Sea, Monhegan, Maine, 2011SA. Architectural forms, rhythmic movements, interior, Santa Marie Novella, Florence,, Italy, 5.7.13SA. Clergy, duomo, fashion display window, Florence, Italy, 3.25.14DA. Manana, Monhegan, Maine, 2012