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Saratoga Natural Portraiture

A Step Up From The Ordinary

Looking for something different in portraits?  We use both modern and traditional tools to produce portraits that are stunning, unique and truly archival.

In today's world photographs are everywhere, but will these electronic, online images be there in the future.  There is something about a physical portrait held in the hand or hung on the wall that is timeless.

We work with everything from traditional digital color photos to large format film in black in white, using vintage portrait lenses.  Portraits offer the chance to emphasize softness and diffusion, or ruggedness and detail.  The subjects themselves often point the right direction.  I can sculpt the subject with natural or studio light, at my studio or your location.

Let's work out a package that fits your needs.  Options include:

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Large and Medium Format Film Images

Medium format, 4x5" and 5x7" sheet film provide unparralled  resolution and a quality that is different from digital images.  A variety of modern and vintage portrait lenses are used to capture the subject.

Full Frame Digital Images

The finest 36MP Sony Full-Frame camera is used, along with a variety of portrait lenses to capture the detail and character of the portrait subject.

CassandraSony A7R Full Frame Digital Camera with Lensbaby Velvet 56 Portrait Lens.

Archival Inkjet Prints

We use Epson printers with Ultrachrome HDR ink-sets to give you the highest quality, most brilliant colors and deepest blacks.  These printers use 11 different inks to produce prints up to 16x24".

Traditional Darkroom Prints

We offer 8x10 and 11x14 traditional silver gelatin darkroom prints.   Each image is refined and adjusted during the printing process to give you a timeless, archival black and white print.

Kallitype/Palladium Prints

These archival prints were produced by the early masters of photography before silver gelatin.  Light-sensitive emulsion is brushed onto coated watercolor paper, then exposed to UV light and developed, then toned with Palladium or Gold for permanence.

Kallitype over Archival Pigment

Combining color with the historic Kallitype process.