Zenfolio | David Aimone Photography | Working with Models updated June 2017

Policy for Working with Models (June 2017)

I am a photographer in upstate NY working with digital, medium and large format film as well as digital infrared. If you are looking for photos to add to your portfolio that reflect a classic or unusual look, please contact me and perhaps we can create some works that will help both of our portfolios. Please check out my website for examples of my non-modeling photos.

My Approach:
I am a fine art photographer. I photograph everything from landscapes to still life to portraits and people. Photographing people is very rewarding, and I approach this with an artistic sense and with professionalism. My goal is to produce images that are beautiful, sensual, elegant, classic, sensitive, powerful, engaging. I like to work with natural beauty, or natural presence, which of course can mean different things to different people. And I like to work with natural light when possible. As a photographer, I am reliable and insist on good communication before and during the session.


I am changing my approach to hiring models. My current approach is not sustainable, as I am retired, on a fixed income, still supporting family members and do not make any money from model shoots. I have been way over my planned budget for paying models. However, I consider myself a professional photographer, and would love to continue working with you.

If you would like to work together and have shared rights to use the photos (with credit given), please contact me to set up a TF shoot. If you are traveling, I may be able and willing to help offset traveling costs, so please ask. I will continue to offer assistance with travel expenses, pay for studio space and spend lots of money on all the film that I purchase and process.

I realize and accept that this change will result in fewer model shoots, but this is ok. I have a good portfolio now and it will be good to work only with models who want to work with me as much as I want to work with them.

I VERY MUCH VALUE the models that I have worked with and those that I will work with, and your work IS worth payment. I am at the point where my portrait work is very strong and also worth payment. So please consider working TF. 

As a photographer, I am very professional, respectful, easy-going and safe. You can ask any of the contacts here that I've worked with. I feel I can offer a different approach and add something to your portfolio. 


David Aimone