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Film Intensive Small Group Workshop, Monhegan Island Maine Monhegan IslandClick to view a Slide Show of the Island

September 8-12, 2014 at Aimone Art Studios at Carina, Monhegan Island, Maine

We're going to be learning how to shoot with black and white film cameras and process without a darkroom for 5 days on a beautiful island.

This Monday to Friday hands-on small group intensive workshop offers the beginning to intermediate film-based photographer  an intense immersion into the basic and advanced processes for film photography with basic tools and without a darkroom. You’ll explore materials, methods, and expressive approaches through a series of guided, hands-on challenges designed to increase your technical ability and visual awareness. Take part in classroom exercises, studio sessions and field work in stunning locations 10 miles out to sea on beautiful Monhegan Island, Maine.  The workshop will include lecture, interactive discussions and projects,and an independent project you’ll design and execute yourself under the guidance and encouragement of the instructor.  This workshop will focus on creating black and white film images.


Prior experience with film welcomed, but not required.  Class size limited to five students.

We will use 35mm, medium and large format cameras to take photos on Monhegan Island, while learning the basics of film photography—from loading cameras and selecting film through film development to film scanning and printing via inkjet and alternative contact print processes like VanDyke Brown. Instead of a darkroom, we'll be using daylight tanks to process film in the studio on the island. Only the loading of film holders and daylight tanks will have to be done in the dark.

Alternating with the learning basic theory of film photography and working in the "darkroom", we will take daily hikes to the extraordinary locations that Monhegan Island provides.

Also assisting in this workshop will be Steve Aimone, of Aimone Art Services, a well known artist and workshop presenter for over 20 years.

Workshop Syllabus contains more information on the class, getting to Monhegan Island, and accommodation options.  

You will be responsible for travel, accommodations and meals.


This workshop is $700 per student, plus a $125 per student materials fee.  Fees are refundable up until August 1st.

(only refundable after August 1st if we can fill your slot minus the $250 deposit)

Tuition Fee ($700):

Tuition Payment Options:

Materials Fee ($125):


About the Instructor

David Aimone's works combine and synthesize modern photographic technology with very traditional tools and techniques to achieve a very personal and contemporary synthesis. He is intrigued with the expressive potential of this merger, which offers a broad range of avenues to “re-present” (rather than document) forms in the visible world.
He is now exploring “alternative” (very traditional) methods of printing using the large format negatives.  These include platinum/palladium prints and Van Dyke prints on a variety of hand-coated papers.  These prints are fascinating, blending the origins of photography with contemporary techniques, and blurring the lines between photography and other two-dimensional art forms.
Focusing on film and hand-made prints, David continues to explore new methods of creating images that present my subjects in new and captivating ways. The end products stand as images to sense and experience rather than narratives to be understood.